About Southern India...

The golden sun is glowing in the hazy southern sky, the wind is gentle and mild. The life-giving power of the earth is beneath your feet. This is Southern India.

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About Ravi

As a young child, in a small village located in Tamil Nadu, Kuppusamy Ravindran (Ravi to his friends) learned the joy and love of cooking from his mother.

Fast forward some fifty odd years during which Ravi has travelled far and wide, from India to the US, to Germany and the UK, on a career path that spanned mathematics and IT, as he was finding his way to Ireland.

Ravi has now set down his roots in Cork with his Irish-born wife and two children, with whom he shares his love for traditional cooking. It was here that a life-long dream of working with food, became crystalised into the form of sharing the true tastes of Southern India with the people of Ireland.

Ravi's first trials were so well received that he was offered a place in the Food Academy, where he went through the necessary training and processes to make the product widely available.

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About The Dips

Ravi's dips are smooth and subtly spiced with a unique and deliciously more-ish taste. They are nutritious and healthy too, as only fresh ingredients are used. The flavours are a delightful addition to any savoury food, and are very well accompanied with a crisp refreshing drink.

These dips are warming for the body and nourishing for the soul. They are sure to form a talking point at any social gathering.

The traditions and inspiration to create these dips have come a long way with Ravi from his home village in Tamil Nadu. We invite you now to embark on your own culinary journey, to discover the tastes of Southern India.