From the tip of Southern India, to the tip of your tongue...

tomato & onion dip

Tomato Onion & Coconut Dip

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  • Energy 149kj / 35.6kcal
  • Fat 1.5g
    of which saturates 0.6g
  • Carbohydrates 4.7g
    of which sugars 3.6g
  • Fibre 1.1g
  • Protien 0.9g
  • Salt 0.2g
redskin peanut dip

Redskin Peanut & Coconut Dip

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  • Energy 1240kj / 300kcal
  • Fat 25.5g
    of which saturates 8.5g
  • Carbohydrates 5.0g
    of which sugars 3.0g
  • Fibre 4.5g
  • Protien 11.6g
  • Salt 0.8g

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